The Album Project – July 10th

The point of the album project is to widen my music experience and, hopefully, knowledge.
Every morning I select 5 years at random (using and then 5 numbers between 1 and 40 (again using and load up the albums that were at that position in those years.
Will I have a day of heavenly lost classics or will it be Ed Bloody Sheeran?

I thought I’d try a different approach. One year, five random chart positions.

YEAR : 1991

#4 – Hey Stoopid – ALICE COOPER
Album 19 for the vicar’s son and all round rock god.
All your favourite 80’s and 90’s rockers are on here as well, Slash, Ozzy, Nikki Sixx all make cameos.
To begin with I thought this was just awful, a joke, beyond “stoopid”, but the more I listened I realised that it’s just a laugh! It’s pantomime, it’s a kid’s introduction to metal isn’t it.
Once that had occured to me I enjoyed it a lot more.
“Feed My Frankenstein” is especially hilarious!
Not quite School’s Out, unless it’s Primary School

#35 – Extremely Live – VANILLA ICE
Here it is, after the delight of Eric Clapton Unplugged yesterday, a chance to hear with my own ears what Vanilla Ice was like live!
The music and lyrics are frankly dreadful. When “Ice Ice Baby” is a highlight it’s either a dreadful night at a Ritzy’s Reunion or it’s a Vanilla Ice album
There’s random cheering and screaming throughout but it’s not in sync with anything, just like when SM:TV wanted it to sound like the crowd were going mental for Therapy? and you could hear badly recorded screaming over it.
Vanilla has an interesting line in banter. “Is Miami In The House” and “Say Ice Ice Baby” and…that’s it.
By track 2 I was hearing “Somebody say stop that train” and I satisfied the urge to stop that CD!

#37 – Real Life – SIMPLE MINDS
Halfway through. Pleasant enough. Every song sounds similar though. “Let There Be Love” I remember from the time but I’ve just listened to it and couldn’t honestly tell you any of the other songs on it.

#11 – Memorabilia – SOFT CELL/MARC ALMOND

#25 – Auberge – CHRIS REA

#25 – Auberge – CHRIS REA


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