5 Albums : Tuesday 26th June

Every day I pick 5 years at random, then 5 numbers from 1 to 40 at random and then listen to the albums that were in those positions in those years.

Year : 2009

Position : 28


Nice but a little jarring for some of the classics, except “Victoria” which is a FUCKING MASTERPIECE!!

Year : 2007

Position : 20

“Life In Cartoon Motion” – MIKA

Remember Mika? Real name Mike Penniman?

I was working at 2-TEN FM in Reading when this album came out and we were picked to host a “Live At Your Local” featuring him in a riverside pub on the outskirts of Wokingham. He was feted as the next really big thing but from what I can remember despite saturation point playlist spins and marketing he never really did much beyond being on Jools Holland a couple of times.

That may be why despite never having heard this album it was all very familiar. It was also better than I remember and more like the Scissor Sisters than I remember at the time.

I was of course too busy being an aloof and cool Northerner in my first spell living “down South” to be able to enjoy anything but Joy Division at the time (indeed, I went to the Live at your Local gig wearing a Fall t-shirt)

“Love Today” was better than I thought, “Billy Brown” can fuck off.

Year : 1982

Position : 36

“Sky 4 : Forthcoming” – SKY

Year : 1975

Position : 23

“Snowflake” – TOMITA

Year : 1962

Position : 31

TONY HANCOCK – “Hancock”

A foetus with a laptop writing for the Independent this week did a piece introducing the world to a little known, largely forgotten comedian from the 60’s called Tony Hancock this week.

The rest of the world took to Twitter to exclaim “what do you mean forgotten you idiot sperm!” and I sat back and pissed myself at “The Radio Ham” for the first time in a few years.

TRUFAX : I’ve started going to the gym and “Hancock’s Half Hour” is what I exercise to!

I am still 18 stone!


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