Week 14’s Top Singles

Just on the off chance that anyone gives a monkeys about my opinion, here’s this week’s singles rated and slated.

  1. JAMES : “Better Than That” (Infection/BMG)

We all like feeling younger don’t we? And this took me right back to 1994 when a new single from James made me very excited and happy, and sure enough this did when I heard it on 6 Music. Can’t wait to hear more!

2. FRIENDLY FIRES : “Love Like Waves” (XL)

Lovely, happy and made me smile.

3. TT : “I’ve Been Fine” (LoveLeaks)

Theresa Wyman’s gorgeous vocals and the guitar really perked me up. It really lifts up and grabbed me,

4. SLIM JXMMI : “Chanel” (earDrummers/Interscope)

Formerly of Rae Strummurd and with brother Swae Lee in tow it’s a driving rhythm and got moving a bit, and I’m a big bloke!

5. SABRINA CLAUDIO : “Don’t Let Me Down (f/ Khalid)”/”All To You” (Atlantic)

From Miami and just sexy! Slow and sexy!

6. KENNY CHESNEY : “Get Along” (Warner Nashville)

I’ve been listening to Radio 2 a lot over the bank holiday and it must have rubbed off on me because it’s Country Music and hasn’t made me want to line dance over a field full of grenades.

Good song, nice message and stuck in my head! Like if Embrace were from Waco rather than Wakefield

7. A$AP ROCKY : “A$AP Forever” (ASAP Worldwide)

Considering it’s just talking over Moby’s “Natural Blues” and then singing over Moby’s “Porcelain” (the much better part of the record), it’s pretty good!

8. BEN HOWARD : “A Boat On An Island On The Wall” (Island/Communion)

This should have chilled me out but it put me on edge. Stick with it for 3 and a bit minutes because it comes to life.

9. CALVIN HARRIS & DUA LIPA : “One Kiss” (Columbia/Sony)

It’s OK, feels a bit like 1994 in Brahms and Liszt, Manchester

10. MULLALLY : “Sweet Coffee”  (Atlantic)

From sunny Norfolk and sounding not unlike Steve Brookstein, it’s pleasant enough

11. MOLLY MOORE : “No Stress” (B3SCI Records)

Literally the first line – “Let’s smoke some weed”. Oooh, you’re hard! There’s nothing new or interesting here.

12. NICKI FRENCH : “Steal The Crown” (Energise)

A new anthem for the wronged woman that sounds like an old anthem for the wronged woman.

13. MAYBERRY : “Whisper” (2512 Music Publishing)

Now THIS is the Country I know and hate! Offensively inoffensive.

14. ANDY BROWN : “Put That Record On” (Decca)

Boring, cliched and a bit creepy! “Put That Record On”? Unless you’re putting it on the fire, no thank you!


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