Camila Cabello – “Camila”

Simco/Epic – January 12th

The first of the “big” releases of the new year is the debut solo album from ex-Fifth Harmony singer Camila Cabello.

As far as I’ve seen she’s still yet to “dish the dirt” about why she left the X Factor group, maybe in the hope that this album will answer any questions.

There’s a lot in the album about being betrayed by everyone from lovers to fake friends, most noticeable on “Real Friends”

It lurches from Latin tinged pop to stripped back ballad (the best of which is “Consequences”). That’s the surprise, just how stripped back it sounds. It’s not particularly original maybe due to the fact that there are at least 18 people involved in the writing of the damn thing but her vocals are honest and the lyrics have glimmers of true heartbreak.

I only got bored a couple of times which for an ex-X Factor release is unusual.

As for trying to find the reason for leaving Fifth Harmony? Maybe she just grew out of it?

Rating : 60%


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