– “Charisma.BEST”

Warner Music Japan|January 8th 2018

When I was younger, (so much younger than today) radio was an obsession. It still is to a lesser extent, it didn’t disappoint me as much then as now!

One of my favourite things to do at night, under the covers, with my tranny when I should have been sleeping, was to slowly go through the medium wave and long wave bands to find Scandinavian and Low Countries stations playing hits that I knew, old English pop that I didn’t, all interspersed with foreign DJ patter that included the odd English word. Just like the Fast Show sketches!

That’s how this compilation celebrating the end of felt.

My first exposure to Japanese electro hip hop from Itsuka and Gonchi at first listen reminded me of Atomic Kitten or a group of that ilk, but listening further it was obviously much much better than the usual girl-pop.

The music is upbeat, positive and infectious…..SO infectious.

But the real joy is in the random bits of English thrown in. Hashdark is a favourite but I found myself drawn in by the rhythm of the rapping and the ease with which it all comes together.

Apparently, Itsuka would do the rap bits that her mates couldn’t do at karaoke and that’s how she found out she had the skills. I’ve never discovered anything of any value at karaoke nights other than people in Hull really REALLY love Meat Loaf!

They announced a hiatus last year with DJ Gonchi retiring from showbiz to work in the family business. If  you’re in Tokyo you can say goodbye and thank you at Zepp Tokyo on January 27th.

Rating 68%


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