January 1st 2018


I’m Simon, but you can call me “FatMancunian”, or “Si”, whatever you want really!

I’m 41 and I like listening to music and making radio shows that no-one listens to.

At the end of 2017 I sat down, as most of us did, and thought about the year just passed.

I also, as most of us will have done, wrote down some resolutions. Some of the things I wish I’d done more of of differently and the one thing that jumped out at me was the fact that I couldn’t name more than 10 albums I liked from the past year.

(My fiancee noted that a lot more problems with my 2017 had jumped out at her but that’s a different matter)

So I decided to embark upon a little project to enhance my appreciation of new music. I would try to listen to as many albums as I could this year and make a journal of what I heard. Hopefully then, I could reach January 1st 2019 without writing the same thing down in my diary.

This is really a record for me. A space to further explore what I have listened to and what I think of it. If you come across it, I hope you enjoy what you read and feel free to share your thoughts about what a pointless exercise it all is, how much of a knobhead I sound like and how much you couldn’t care less about what I think!

To track what is released each week I’ll be using albumoftheyear.org and listening to it on Spotify where I’ll also be making playlists, which I’ll share here.

Here we go then!



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